About Us

Arclite Beverages Private Ltd (henceforth referred to as ABPL) is a company formed and registered in July 2012 under The Companies Act, 1956 by the Registrar of Companies in Bangalore.

We specialize in addressing the needs of the beverage industry, catering to not only production of beverages but also to marketing and distribution needs. ABPL aims at being the largest provider of products and marketing and distribution services in the sphere of beverages.

Our primary goal is to modernize the processing and to make more convenient the availability of Natural, Refreshing, Tasty and Healthy Drinks such as Tender Coconut Water. Later, we plan to expand to different sections across the Food and Beverage (F & B) industry.


Coconut Water
Nature's gift of health & taste

Splash: We seal purity in bottles?

‘A satisfied customer begets thousand'.

We produce high quality product which is completely natural. There is no added flavor or sugar in the content of a bottle of Splash coconut water. Splash coconut water is manufactured by Arclite Beverages Private Ltd wherein the coconuts are obtained directly from select farmers with a view to maintain the quality.