Introduction – The Vending/Dispensing Machine

Vending machine, the most popular form of which many use (the Soda Pop machines) are conglomerates particularly those in the spheres of Food & Beverages. The technology involved in a vending machine has essentially remained the same over decades, yet they are still popular for its selective size dispensing.


An Innovation

We would like to introduce an innovation form of a vending machine that caters not only to its primary purpose, which is of dispensing beverages, but also is customizable as a multi-layer business function unit. This technology is of great utility to areas where there is mass in-flow and out-flows of people. This machinery is a one of kind machinery made specially to handle Tender Coconut Water.






Coconut Water
Nature's gift of health & taste

Splash: We seal purity in bottles?

‘A satisfied customer begets thousand'.

We produce high quality product which is completely natural. There is no added flavor or sugar in the content of a bottle of Splash coconut water. Splash coconut water is manufactured by Arclite Beverages Private Ltd wherein the coconuts are obtained directly from select farmers with a view to maintain the quality.