Technology Collaborations

Defense Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), the premier food research department and Coconut Development Board (CDB), the premier authority for coconut development in India have jointly innovated a technology for extraction and packaging of Tender Coconut Water. This technology has been introduced about a decade ago and there is ongoing research and improvement in this field.

Arclite Beverages Private Ltd is a license holder of this technology based on the latest (as recent February 2014) specifications and research. This technology license is given only if the party licensee is deemed fit to run such a plant after a careful and long scrutiny process.

ABPL ensures that all its products and services are of impeccable quality and that they follow the utmost hygiene methods possible. Our products involve the minimum usage of human intervention, thereby eliminating any source of contamination. Through on-going research, we update our production and delivery processes to ensure that our patrons receive nothing short of the best. It is our constant endeavor to improve and meet customer expectations better than before.

As part of this endeavor, we may contact our patrons for feedback.


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Coconut Water
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Splash: We seal purity in bottles?

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We produce high quality product which is completely natural. There is no added flavor or sugar in the content of a bottle of Splash coconut water. Splash coconut water is manufactured by Arclite Beverages Private Ltd wherein the coconuts are obtained directly from select farmers with a view to maintain the quality.