Technology Innovations

Natural beverages are available, but in limited location and quantities. Thus their true benefits are not recognized as well as it should be. Lets take Tender Coconut Water as an example of Natural Health drinks.


As of today, Coconut Water is available through:

Ready Cut Form


Looking at these limitations, Coconut Development Board along with Defense Food Research Laboratory (A section of Defense Research Development Organization, India) have developed a unique solution for the processing of Tender Coconut Water whilst minimizing the loss of natural nutrients and maximizing the shelf life. ABPL holds the license to operate their machinery and all our machineries adhere to their strict quality control and other measures.




Coconut Water
Nature's gift of health & taste

Splash: We seal purity in bottles?

‘A satisfied customer begets thousand'.

We produce high quality product which is completely natural. There is no added flavor or sugar in the content of a bottle of Splash coconut water. Splash coconut water is manufactured by Arclite Beverages Private Ltd wherein the coconuts are obtained directly from select farmers with a view to maintain the quality.